Dependable Transcription, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients the highest level of Medical Transcription.
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We are Dependable Transcription, Inc. dedicated to providing our clients the highest level of Medical Transcription.

Our product is: Accurate Transcription, but our credo is: Service.

You’ll appreciate our service orientation in every encounter. For starters, you’ll never get trapped in a labyrinthine voice-mail system when you call us. Our phones are answered by real, live people - Information Specialists who will respond to your questions or requests immediately, or as soon as possible.

We have the experience, the professionals and the desire to routinely provide the transcription excellence our clients deserve.

We operate at the leading edge of health information management, but provide old-fashioned, individualized attention to each client.

We have the systems and the technology to capture dictation from a variety of sources. These include a 24-hour call-in digital dictation system which can be accessed toll-free. We also capture voice from hand-held digital voice-recorders which use feature-rich memory chips instead of microcassettes (the same technology as the newer digital answering machines versus the older microcassette based systems). Of course, we still work with all sizes of cassette tapes. We are equipped to acquire dictation from Electronic Medical Record systems and upload transcribed documents to the system database.

We use state-of-the-art transcription equipment loaded with on­line spell-checkers, drug indexes, medical dictionaries and other quality enhancers.  Documents are reviewed for accuracy, and formatted per industry standard unless customized by client request.

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