Dependable Transcription, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients the highest level of Medical Transcription.
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We transcribe all specialties: from Allergy through Cardiology and Radiology through Urology. We serve Physician groups, ancillary specialists, ambulatory care units and hospitals.


We correction-edit voice-text records generated by continuous-speech-recognition programs. Contact us if you are a user of these new systems and need higher accuracy levels than they deliver.


Completed reports can be distributed as required elec­tronically to designated PCs or Faxes; printed reports to client locations, or encrypted and uploaded to a secure internet ftp site.


Call-in dictation is retained for a week. Transcribed documents are archived free for 6 months. Retrieval, reprinting & extended archiving are available.

Database management

We can maintain your patient records in our system database for easy retrieval. Reports can be uploaded to the Client’s EMR or designated site.

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